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A chair of harmonious
form and function

Duration    6 weeks
Year           2023


What do you want to feel when you sit on a chair?

Typically you want to feel comfortable and supported. The specific sensations or feelings can vary from person to person, but comfort and stability are generally desirable when sitting on a chair.

The objective was to build a chair suitable for various settings, including dining spaces, and workspaces, characterized by its clean, elegant design and ergonomic efficiency.

Quick Ideation using Procreate and sketchbook for variations helped me discover different designs

This is process of generating ideas and concepts through
creative thinking. Brainstorming,conceptualizing and exploring different possibilities that resulted to multiple initial sketches.

Prototype / Development

Building mockups help fully understand on how the product will actually look like.

This will provide room for itiretions, refinement and development of the product

Prototype will provide a sense of scale of the product.
This ishelpful to determine the dimensions and details.

Throughout the design process, careful attention has been paid to every detail, from the chair’s aesthetics to its comfort and effectiveness in fulfilling its intended purpose. The goal was not just to create a piece of furniture but to craft a functional work of art that seamlessly blends form and function.

Render Photo

The design process was a rewarding journey that emphasized the balance between aesthetics and ergonomics. Observational research into dimensions and seat angles revealed the science of creating a comfortable chair and its impact on well-being. The iterative design process and user testing underscored the importance of continuous improvement. Overall, the project deepened the appreciation for user-centered design in achieving a harmonious blend of form and function in furniture.


An ergonomic handheld
polaroid camera

Duration    4 weeks
Year           2022

Ideation / CAD
Enhanced User Comfort:

improve the camera’s grip to ensure that users can hold it comfortably for extended periods, reducing hand fatigue and enhancing their overall experience.

Improved Handling: provide a secure and stable grip on the camera, allowing users to have better control and stability while taking photos, especially in challenging shooting conditions.


Polaroid camera with an improved grip involves a user-centered approach to create an ergonomic design that is
comfortable. It should prioritize grip design. User testing and
customization options can enhance the design’s effectiveness,
ensuring a secure and enjoyable photography experience.

The success of the project to design a Polaroid camera with an improved grip can be measured through user satisfaction and accident reduction. Key reflections and lessons learned include the value of a user-centered design approach,and ensure continuous improvement in product design and development processes.


A universal ring
that is part of you


Duration   4 weeks
 Year   2022

With my background in
Nursing and my passion with
design, I created the Mitotic ring.
It is a unique unisex ring that
seamlessly blends science and
aesthetic, this innovative piece
draws inspiration from the
intricate process of mitosis within
a cell. Crafted with precision, the
ring’s design mirrors the elegant
dance of chromosomes during
cell division, featuring intertwined
bands that symbolize the
delicate balance of life’s
continuous renewal. A minimalist
design and harmonious blend of
elegance and scientific wonder,
appeals to those who appreciate
the profound connection
between biology and aesthetics.

Protoypes/ Resin Print

Resin printing offers high precision and fine details,
making it ideal for intricate designs common in jewelry, such as patterns or small engravings.

Holding a tangible prototype provides a better understanding of the ring’s aesthetics, proportions, and overall design.

Cargo Collective, Inc. Los Angeles, Calif.